Thursday, March 25, 2010

You are God!!!

I am that I am?

Okay, so, your parents were wrong.
You ARE the center of the Universe!

First, understand that I’m not using the word “Universe” like this is an astronomy class.  It is a metaphor, representing “All that is”.  You, know.....the same way your parents meant it.

Anyway, how does one go about discovering the center of the Universe?  Well, wouldn’t you agree that a fine place to start a search is from right where you are – here and now – and go from there?

In case you haven’t been paying attention, within the past century, scientists (quantum physicists) have discovered what the spiritualists have been saying since the beginning of recorded history – the process by which the world manifests into existence is effected by the observer.....


That being said, we need look no further for the center of the Universe than our own awareness.

You are creating this reality in the present moment.  Many would say that each of us is co-creating this reality with a higher power.  This is a sticky wicket!  From one perspective, the point could be made that “All is One” therefore, how could there be a “higher” power?

Personally, I have an awareness that is exploring this creation.  I am currently playing in this wonderland of words, so, obviously, one thing is experiencing another.  As the author William Samuel has described it, I prefer to think of “God” as simple existence, the “Isness” which pervades all things (including you).  It is the energetic flow of Being.

This leads me to a most powerful, and controversial, statement:

Yes, this baby is God, Buddha is God, Jesus is God, etc....

Then, again, so is the chair, the houseplant and the dead fly on the windowsill.  From this angle, God is not an old man with a long, white beard sitting on a cloud, holding a ruler, waiting to punish you for being a bad boy or girl.  Let’s graduate from thousands of years of spiritual kindergarten, please!

God is the ray of consciousness emanating from your very being.  This is your experience of God – AS God!  The Isness , which is your being, perceives all that exists as itself.  Yes, the words can get swirly and mystical, but to put it in simple terms – God is experiencing creation through your eyes!

When you judge this creation, you put filters in front of those eyes.  This is the meaning of eating the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  When you judge things (have knowledge of good and evil) it fruits into something that causes you to fall from your garden paradise (happiness).

Let it Bee

A bumblebee has what’s called a “compound eye” formed of a large number of individual hexagonal units.  When all of these units are put together in the brain, the bumblebee sees one vision.  In the same way, each of us is an eye of God.  As “One”, our collective perspectives are the vision of God.

Isness + Isness = Life!

Sit in nature, or a quiet spot, clear the mind and you can feel this all-pervading Isness throughout your being.


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