Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Secret 4 Realms of the Law of Attraction: The Mental Realm (Part 1)

Are these the blueprints I requested? 

The mind is like a file cabinet.

INGOING: All information is labeled and stored away.

OUTGOING: As situations occur, we reach into this file cabinet to determine our reactions.

The ability of the mind is a gift.  It is a survival mechanism.  The mind identifies, "There is a hot stove."  The file marked "stove" is instantly pulled out.  Your brain warns you that if you touch the stove, it will burn you.

For ages the mind has been compared to a knife.  It is a useful tool, but can cause harm if misused.  When a person identifies "who they are" with their mind, it becomes baggage, issues, ego - whichever you prefer.  It replaces all intuitive ways of approaching Life.  One becomes a robot.  People tend to perpetuate this way of being out of fear.  Another term for this file cabinet is the "subconscious mind".  The subconscious holds the blueprints for all that you experience.  The mind retrieves these files for use.

When Cindy was a child an adult told her that money is bad.  As with everything, she stored this thought in her subconscious.  The adult repeated it again, and again, and again.  In time, this information became a very thick file in her subconscious.  Now she's an adult.  When money situations occur, her conscious mind reaches into the files of her subconscious mind and responds with the belief that, "Money is bad."  Cindy wonders why she remains broke.

This same pattern applies to EVERY aspect of Life!  Basically, your subconscious is crammed with blueprints that may be serving you or going against your desires.  The wonderful part is that in any moment we can rewrite our blueprints to reflect our desires!

Here's how:

(Even if you don't choose to follow these three steps, I encourage you to read them for some priceless wisdom.)
Step #1:

Identify the Blueprints.  Okay, here comes the standard "write it down" exercise.  It's a classic because of its effectiveness.  Choose an area of your Life in which you would like to see your desires fulfilled.  Money, relationships, health, career, self-image, you name it.  Let's say you've been looking for Love in all the wrong places.  Write down all of those limiting beliefs about Love, which you've been carrying around.  "All the good men are taken."  "Women only want you for your money."  "Love doesn't come easily."  "Who would want me? I'm too unattractive, old, boring...etc."  After you have compiled your list, DO NOT reread it as a whole!  Set it aside for step #2.

Step #2:

The Blueprints are not You!  Any blueprints you have formed are a composite of a lifetime of incoming information from your family, friends, teachers, classmates, coworkers, the media, and other environmental influences.  Your hard drive has been continually programmed from birth. The grand paradox is that these influences are merely reflections of you!.

Take your list from step #1 and turn it face down in front of you.  DO NOT turn it over until you realize with your heart that THIS IS NOT YOUR BLUEPRINT!  You do not have to claim this blueprint any longer!  The list in front of you is a patchwork of what others in your Life have believed.  Some would protest that it is in their "nature" to be a certain way.  "Human nature" is only a thought, feeling or action that has been repeated so often that it has become "human habit".  When you attain some level of peace that the thoughts on this list do not belong to you, it is then time to turn over the piece of paper.  Allow a sense of detached freedom resulting from your new awareness.

TO BE CONTINUED...........

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