Friday, March 19, 2010

Dream Interpretation

Pinch me!

Dream interpretation is a very open subject.  People, places and things have different personal meanings to each of us.  There are scores of books which will tell you that a dog symbolizes loyalty.  But what about the dreamer who was bitten by a dog as a child and now has a great fear of them?  To that person, a dog in a dream might represent the inability to trust one’s survival instincts.  Therefore, my disclaimer to this piece is that the following dream definitions are reference points from my own personal discovery of the symbology inherent within the collective unconscious.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar!

That being said, let’s dive, fly or float into the dream world!

Whenever one analyzes a dream, an extremely beneficial practice is to observe how one FEELS about the people, events, objects, etc. within it.  Sliding down a hill, joyfully, can mean something totally different than doing it fearfully.


Following is a very brief, general key of the map of symbols along the dream path.

Men:  The conscious mind, what you’re aware of, thoughts, logic, attention, focus
Women:  The subconscious mind, hidden forces, intuition, feelings, gut reactions
Children:  Innocence, purity
Your children:  That which you create in the world
Your parents:  Where your identity comes from
Others:  Analyze what that person represents to you.  We’re all reflections of one another!


Buildings:  Various forms of your inner self
Your house:   Your inner self
Backyard:  The past
Front yard:  The future
Windows:  Your perspective
Doorways:  A shift in perspective
Rooms:  Inner focus (For example, the kitchen is where you gain energy, the bedroom is rest, sex, etc.)
School:  Learning, social issues (Once again, it depends on the feeling!)
Work:  How you support yourself
Church:  Obviously, the spiritual quest
Environment (desert, forest, ocean, etc.):  See “Earth, air water, fire” in the next section.


Earth:  Grounding issues, connection to the physical
Air:  The mind, thoughts, ideas, opinions, beliefs
Water:  Emotions, feelings
Fire:  Drives, ambitions, pursuits, goals, plans, motivation
Any of these elements in extreme manifestation represent an imbalance.  For example, a tornado may symbolize thoughts being out of control.
Animals:  Basic survival instincts, animal urges (This is more clearly defined by the type of animal in the dream.  There is a great deal of literature on the subject.)
Vehicles:  Your will, intent, behavior, “drive”

This is an incredibly short list of dream symbology.  My intent is to spark interest in further study.  Once again, these are my own findings.  I encourage you to open your eyes to the patterns in your world.....and beyond.

Sweet dreams!

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