Monday, March 15, 2010

Freedom from the Cage of Personal Perspective

Is this room empty, or is it just me?

You have a very unique rhythm.  Nobody or nothing vibrates with the exact same frequency as you.  Biochemically, you are a self-contained Universe.  This very personal vibration renders you a magnet to the forces which create your life!

From the vantage point of individual perspective, we each live in an entirely different dimension of reality.  If you really take the time to give this idea some serious contemplation, it is truly mind-boggling!  Now, if we identify “who we are” with these single-pointed perspectives of reality, then we are utterly alone.  Thus, the others around you live in self-contained points of perspective, and are alone, as well.

A paradox develops.  If we are each alone in our own little worlds, then don’t we have that in common?  This means that when it comes to being alone - you’re not alone!  What about the way in which our Universes overlap?  Are you playing a supporting role in the story of my life, or am I merely a prop on your theater stage?

Many spiritually-minded have deduced that the issue at hand is our incessant need to cling to our personal points of perspective, in such manic fashion, that a separate sense of self (ego) is inevitable.  After all, we’ve spent a lifetime worshiping at the altar of our identities.  We have a lot of stock invested in the company called “Me”.

Okay, let’s look at this from a different angle (perspective).  Everyone has had empathetic moments – those experiences in which you’ve aligned your perspective with that of another.  Perhaps, you’ve been at a concert and felt like it was you onstage letting the melodies overtake you.  Maybe, a family member had been emotionally hurt to a degree that it felt like it was happening to you.

On the flip side, you’ve had times when you were so locked inside yourself that extremely intense events and experiences happened to others which didn’t affect you in the slightest.  Ever watch the news?

This demonstrates that you’ve always had the powerful choice to step outside of your personal cage or remain “safe” within its protective walls.  One must wonder that if the power exists to step outside your personal cage to any degree, than how far from that personal cage can one travel?

This piece is being written from a single perspective to illustrate the fluid nature of single perspectives.  The totality of all that exists (God) is limitless beyond comprehension.  This is not recognized when the door to the cage of perspective is closed.  It is possible for one to spend a lifetime looking for the key, without lifting the head long enough to notice that the door is open.

You feel me?

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  1. some travel further inside the cage. there is nothing wrong with that. some travel futher than the moon but take their cage with them. there is nothing wrong with that. there is nothing wrong with anyone is there? just as the lighting must strike to keep the trees alive, so must some cages stay closed. there is nothing WRONG with that. or them. just my perspective.

  2. Paragraph #7:
    This demonstrates that you’ve always had the powerful choice to step outside of your personal cage or remain “safe” within its protective walls.


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