Thursday, March 4, 2010

Returning to the Void

There's no place like home!

Whether we call It “God, the Universe, a Higher Power, Jah, Ra, Allah, or Rama-lama-ding-dah”, a cosmic energy force brought you out of the void, and you may return at any time.  For a relatively brief moment, you exist in this reality – a mere, flickering spark in relation to infinity!  This cosmic energy force whips up stars out of dark space and un-ending galaxies of magnitudes incomprehensible.

Here you are, perceiving all of this wonder in the blink of an eternal eye, before returning to the void.  Now, take a look at the objects in front of you.  POOF!  There they are, in their entire splendor.  At one time, this blue ball we live upon was a confluence of chemical reactions floating through space, and now, VIOLA!  There is a computer at your fingertips!

The point I wish to make is that this cosmic energy force at the center of existence, which has propelled everything into being, and which is a part of all that is, has also made you!

Seven questions:

What is your part in all of this?

Do you remember actually, physically, on purpose growing the brain inside your skull?

Do you remember forming the branches on the tree outside your window?

So.....which is inherently you, the brain or the tree?

Can you answer these questions before it all returns to the void, and NONE of it is you?

Hold on, if I return to the void and none of it is me, does that mean that right now, ALL of it is me?

Hmmm.....Hasn’t that concept been the basis of most spiritual precepts since the beginning of recorded history?

(Might be worth a thought or two.) 

Disclaimer:  Even the fact-finding quantum physicists inform us that it’s all relative based on the perception of the observer.   

Perceive on!

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