Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Brainwash, Rinse and Repeat


Disclaimer:  This piece describes the “average” American.


If you’re the average American, you were born into a hand-me-down world.  Everything you were taught was regurgitated information – beliefs, ideas and expectations from the previous generation, who learned it from the previous generation, ad infinitum.......

For 13 years, the school system’s main objective was to turn you into a competitive, robotic monkey.  Advertisers trained you to buy products.  Religions, perverted by men, were crammed into your head.  Systems of government and laws, which you never agreed to, were forced upon you.  When it was time to leave school, you were pressured, out of guilt and fear, to go to college or join the work “force”.

Hey, that’s the way of the world,
no time to stop and think about it!

Unless, you’re one of those modern rebels, who stay at home smoking pot and playing video games all day (insert sarcasm) you’ve fallen into the routine of the good consumer.

Wake up,
clock in,
clock out,
go home,
eat dinner,
watch TV,
go to sleep.

Only when you’ve fallen totally asleep,
do you have the American dream!

Your head has been programmed with a lifetime of bullshit!

Pick a side – democrat or republican.  Now defend the puppet on the left, or the puppet on the right, like it’s your favorite football team.  A great majority of the history you’ve been taught are flat out lies (The victors write the history books.)  Unless, you’re out there exploring the four corners of the globe (an oxymoron) you don’t know what’s really going on outside your country’s borders, beyond what tightly controlled media outlets feed you.  Although, I guess you’re up to snuff as to what happens when politicians close those big mahogany doors, right?  If you’re not making a conscious effort, even your human relationships are patterns, based on stereotypes and past experiences.

All this, yet, you’ve formed opinions on everything – even on topics you know extremely little about!  How can anyone truly claim to know anything with decades of white noise and static in the brain?

My point is, that unless you’ve taken steps to clear house, I mean really let go of the mental slavery you’ve been under, since birth, please don’t force your run-of-the-mill, regurgitated opinions on others.  Why do you think “kill the zombies” movies have been so hot, recently?  It’s a subconscious metaphor of the collective unconscious.  Although, I could be wrong (I never went to college.)

Yeah, yeah.....I write a lot about how what one focuses attention upon becomes a greater force in personal reality.  I guess I still have some residue that needs scraping from inside my skull.

This piece was inspired by my cousin.

To paraphrase Ram Dass:

If you think you’re enlightened,
go visit your family for the holidays.

My diet, long hair and attire don’t make me a hippie.
My thoughts and feelings do!

Shout out to G. Beebers and Chris D.
My Bohemian brothers!!!

If you have any opinions on the subject,
feel free to leave a comment below!

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