Monday, March 8, 2010

The Secret 4 Realms of the Law of Attraction: The Mental Realm (Part 2)

I think, therefore, I am.....thinking.

Step #3:

Change the Blueprints.  Go down the list and write an opposing viewpoint for every belief.  For example, if you wrote: "I am overweight, because everyone in my family is overweight.",  an opposing viewpoint would be: "My weight is my decision.  I have the power to choose whether or not to be overweight."  This exercise will reveal to you that you truly do have choices.


Someone recently asked me: "How can I believe that a thought vibration actually leaves my head, journeys into the Universe, and causes events to occur a certain way?"

Does it seem too...unrealistic?

Consider two people.  The first person, Bob, believes that everyone in the city is mean-spirited, rude and obnoxious.  As a consequence, he travels through the city with his antennae ready, waiting for others to behave this way.  Soon enough, Bob encounters a disgruntled passerby and grumbles, "See, didn't I tell you people in the city are mean?!!!"  Pleasant people are certainly there, but they escape his attention.

Bob does this to justify his thoughts.   He is caught in a loop. Until Bob consciously realizes this,we call his thoughts "unconscious".  He remains cloaked amidst a tailor-made, self-fulfilling prophecy.  These thoughts affect his body posture, the words he uses, even his actions.  Is it no wonder that later in the evening Bob finds himself in the middle of a fight?

We'll call the second person "Adam".  Adam has always believed that people in the city are fun and exciting!  Upon Adam's metropolitan journey he observes others behaving friendly, cheerful and inviting.  He pays no heed to the unhappy or miserable.  With these thoughts, Adam holds his body much differently than Bob.  His words and actions are also more open, not as defensive.  He even has a greater range of emotional possibilities.  As a result, Adam finds himself invited to a party later that night.  This is Adam's self-fulfilling prophecy.

Sure, these two examples are super-simplistic.  That is the point - to make it clearly understood: Bob's thoughts attracted to him the experience of a fight.  Adam's thoughts attracted to him the experience of a party.

A friend recently mentioned to me that he had taken up the guitar.  With youthful wonder he recalled how he had just learned to strum an E chord.  "There is so much you can do with just that one chord!" he declared.  I made it clear to him that this type of thinking would yield a much different outcome than if he were to think, "Urrrrgh! All I know is this one stupid chord!"  He understood that depending on his attitude, his basic approach to the guitar, there exists a choice between many types of guitarists which may emerge from within.  "Yes!" I enthusiastically stated, "This is how it is for all of us, in every moment!"  This is how thoughts attract experiences.

Our thoughts set off chain events.  These are ripples extending into the vast sea of energy in which we are immersed.  The movement of any fish sends underwater currents that change the structure of the entire ocean.  The butterfly effect.  If any of this seems too logical or obvious, than maybe we can allow the idea that, "Thoughts attract experiences." to become part of our collective awareness.  Shall we place it in the file marked "Common Sense"?

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