Saturday, March 27, 2010

Are You the Ointment or the Bacteria?

“the good fight"
an oxymoron?

This piece has no beginning and is open-ended.
My intention is to bring up questions - not answer them.
That’s all you!

I feel that if your eyes are open, you’ll notice patterns.  Lately, I’ve met some extraordinary people, who have outright shocked me with their presence, as mirrors for my creative soul!  Sometimes, you'll run into people who reaffirm your faith in the human spirit, who also serve as opportunities of self-discovery.

In the process, I’ve noticed patterns that I’ve been so firmly entrenched in, during my life, that I realize why my last name is McCall.  I also see it in others – MANY others!  So many others, that I smell a movement afoot (odor joke).  This has reassured me that I’m not alone, except, perhaps, in jokes that only I find clever. Humor lightens the mood.

So.....the pattern goes as follows.  I’ll be swimming along the stream of contentment, on spiritual highs – sharing, caring, and wondering at the beauty of it all.  Then, suddenly, in the stream, a jagged outcropping of rocks bruises my attention:

“Today, the president signed a legislative bill that will cause everyone’s eyes to pop out of their skulls, land in the dirt and be eaten by wolves, blah, blah, blah, puppetry this, puppetry that, etc.”

Okay, I can handle a bruise.  It hurts a little, but the sun is shining on the surface of the stream, so I return to the flow.

I’m floating, casually, when a sharp stick pokes me in the ribs:

“Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Wal-Mart eat babies, and use the baby bones as weapons to hunt and kill more babies!”
 (Possibly true, by the way.)

OUCH – That REALLY fucking hurt!!!  That stick jabbed me through my ribs and into my soul!  I’m quite sure that I’ve lived hardships beyond the “average” American, but encased in the American bubble, I have only learned, secondhand, of atrocities so horrific that every part of my being sinks upon itself, as my eyes well up with tears.

My friends, I don’t wish to go into who’s to blame.  I feel that if one wanted to uncover that mystery, it would be easier than- The butler did it.  What I do wish to blossom within each of us, is the questioning of what we bring to the mix.

I’m not talking about the two archetypical sides that claim:

“I spread the word.  I protest.  I don’t buy from Wal-Mart.  Therefore, I’m helping to change this fucked up world!”


“I support the troops.  I work hard.  I pay my taxes, just so these welfare cases can drain the best country in the world, the Younited States!!!”

What I’m really getting to, is the question I’ve subconsciously struggled with since I heard “Another Brick in the Wall” by Pink Floyd, when I was 8 years-old.

Where is your energy?!!!

We all live in a cosmic soup.  We’re a large collective of beings, each adding to the recipe.  Add your grain of salt to the soup, and whether you taste it, or not, it does change the flavor.  Convince 5 million more to change their attitude to salty, and the soup may taste like shit!  Ahhhh, but then again, it depends on how salty you like your soup.  I use this analogy to demonstrate the relativity of the matter, based upon your perception.

Yes, it all boils down to your energy.  In the big-time, ultra-grand scheme, perhaps it matters not, but, in the moment, how does the energy you put out into the world personally make you feel?

Do you feel that you’re making a difference in the world by standing up against oppression and being a voice for the voiceless?  Well, carry on, my brothers and sisters!  Do you feel that visualizing a world of peace and abundance by raising the vibration of love in those around you is the way?  Go with your vision!

Personally, I’ve vacillated between the two, my entire life, although the latter calls me.....gently.  The point is that ANY way is okay.  They’re all just flavors in the soup!

Do you feel that waving the flag, backing a candidate and providing for your family is what gets it done?  Keep on truckin’.

It takes all kinds of people to make a world!

So.....back to the original question.  Are you the ointment or the bacteria?  Hopefully, I’ve written this piece from the perspective of the fly climbing out of the ointment.

Maybe, there is no wound, Grasshopper.

A.H.!!! - I feel better.
(Thanks for the reflection!)

If you have any opinions on the subject,
feel free to leave a comment below!

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  1. This is a great article... "Get in the soup!!" You have a very acute knack for making me laugh... And judging by your tags, you are trying to get sued, just like me!!! Hooray!

  2. Brother in sanity, it's nice to be adding mind-altering flavors to the soup!
    Thanx for reading!!!


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